A verse about sensors πŸ”₯ 08/01/19

Today we have some news to make our rivals tenser –
a little package arrived for us at college yester
which will help with Hubble Telescope Nebula
and make Orion become a serious contender.
So watch out Manchester, Worcester, Leicester
etc, you know we’re only getting better.
“So you think you’re gonna make it all the way?” Yes sir!
Cos Constellation now have a colour sensor

(Mic drop)

One giant leap for Constellation! β˜„οΈ 04/01/18

Happy new year!

A large amount of progress has been made over the holidays! Stephen took the robot home with him so he could continue constructing it with the help of Rhiannon whilst the rest of us were enjoying doing very little (Rhiannon and Stephen = MVPs).

[insert 31/12/18 video and 03/01/19 photos]

As you can see from the photos above we have decided to make the body of the robot out of plastic rather than wood as it will hopefully make the robot a bit more sturdy (as well as looking more professional).

In the session today we put one of the College’s motorboards on the body of our robot and drove it with the controller. It was very slow so we were trying to figure out a solution to make it go a wee bit quicker. However it managed to drive over a mini whiteboard, a pen (sort of), a phone and Navid’s hand so it’s able to go over uneven terrain which is promising!

[insert 04/01/19]

As a result of this success we purchased a motorboard and an IR sensor.

Our little bot is starting to come along very nicely!

P.S. The constellation blog’s New Years resolutions are 1) to actually UPLOAD OUR BLOGS and 2) take more photos/videos during the sessions to include here!

P.P.S. Today was Navid’s birthday so happy birthday Navid!!

A change of plan… πŸ€” 14/12/18

Today was our final session of the term before Christmas holidays and it was a very productive one.

This week we managed to get the remote control to work!

[insert 16/12/18]

We have been nosey and had a look at what rival teams are up to and discovered that our unique idea of making Walle is not so unique after all! As we are all millennial hipsters who can’t stand being in the mainstream, we decided that we would change the identity of our Robot.

So it is with grave sadness that we say goodbye to our beloved Walle idea.

[insert sad Walle]

We spent a large bulk of todays session thinking up a new idea for the theme of our robot and although we aren’t 100% sure, we are thinking of basing the concept of our robot on stars and constellations. We spent a long time on google translate trying to come up with a cool name in a different language but after much deliberation we came up with an incredibly creative and exotic team name – constellation… in English πŸ™‚

We also did a lot of research about stars and constellations to give us inspiration. some of our research was very detailed:

[Insert 14/12/18]

This doesn’t affect any of the construction we have done so far or the coding of the pi but it has given our artistic directors, Gracie and Anisha, something to think about over the Christmas holidays. New year new robot!

A festive crisis!! 😫 11/12/18

The construction of Walle’s body has begun! Stephen, David, Rhiannon and Gracie have been busy cutting wood and sorting out the catepillar tracks – however who knew screws could cause us so much grief?

[insert 12/12/18 photos]


HuGe shOpPinG HaUL 😝 04/12/18

Our team has been given a budget of Β£200 to buy all the parts needed for the robot. However we might be able to ask Diane for an extra Β£50 should times get hard.

So far we have purchased:
Caterpillar tracks (purchased 07/11/18) – Β£
Motors (purchased 07/11/18) – Β£

By the end of the week we plan to purchase:
Axles – Β£
Remote control – Β£

Before the new year we plan to purchase:
Motorboard – Β£
IR sensor – Β£
Colour sensor – Β£

The countdown to Christmas has begun!