We abandon our pi for good 🏌️ 12/02/19

After about a month of struggling with technical issues without our pi and motor board, we have decided to abandon the one we have now and invest in a new one. The price of the new pi is £23 which is a large chunk of the money we have left to spend but HOPEFULLY we will have more luck with this one and our decision will pay off.

Today, we have 45 days (about 6.5 weeks) until the competition in March. Before then we must:

– Reprogram the new pi to give Orion his mobility back
– Create a concrete plan about how to tackle tasks such as Pi Noon, Space Invaders and other tasks that require specialised/attachable parts
– Build the body of the robot
– Decide on a design for Orion and decorate accordingly… we are currently thinking we will get in touch with Gucci or Alexander McQueen to draw some designs for us. Unfortunately Ralph Lauren is not returning our calls 🙁
– Order Constellation t-shirts for us to model at the competition

Hopefully this is the turning point we need and we will peak just in time for the competition!

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