Coming into college to continue progress 🤓 22/02/19

On Tuesday Navid made a design on SketchUp for a firing mechanism that we can attach to our robot. The blue circle is attached to the blue circle to rotate the arm. There will be a laser attached to the bottom of the firing system to aim at the targets.

We will start construction on that as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, several of us met up in college to carry on work on the robot. We discussed what we are going to do with the sensors and continued coding the robot. Rhiannon also came up with some preliminary designs for the outside of Orion.

The design above is how we are planning to paint the panelled side of the robot. Then we will add some painted stars and, according to Rhiannon, some fairy lights round the edge. I can’t tell whether she was joking or not but imagine how cool that would look!

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