The very sophisticated (hmm) world of coding 🙈 12/03/19

As we only have two and a half weeks left until the competition the sprint finish is on! We are finalising the coding of the robot, making the firing device and thinking about decorating the robot.


Generally speaking, Navid quietly cracks on with the coding in robot in our Thursday meetings and none of the rest of us have ever really got involved in the coding process as none of us have any coding background. Today however was the first time I glimpsed any it – you can definitely tell it’s Navid from the sheer elegance of the language…

Coming into college to continue progress 🤓 22/02/19

On Tuesday Navid made a design on SketchUp for a firing mechanism that we can attach to our robot. The blue circle is attached to the blue circle to rotate the arm. There will be a laser attached to the bottom of the firing system to aim at the targets.

We will start construction on that as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, several of us met up in college to carry on work on the robot. We discussed what we are going to do with the sensors and continued coding the robot. Rhiannon also came up with some preliminary designs for the outside of Orion.

The design above is how we are planning to paint the panelled side of the robot. Then we will add some painted stars and, according to Rhiannon, some fairy lights round the edge. I can’t tell whether she was joking or not but imagine how cool that would look!

Are you a robot? Because you’re looking Optimus Fine 💝 15/02/19

Today we had our final meeting before half term so we were primarily tying up loose ends and planning for our extra meeting on Wednesday (Diane says she will be in college on Wednesday so those of us who are free will go into College for a meeting). We also learnt that Gracie might not be able to make the competition because she might not be able to get off work which is a shame.

In other news, yesterday was Stephen and Rhiannon’s 5th Valentine’s Day together! Awwww!!

There won’t be a blog post on Tuesday but hopefully there will be one one Friday so keep watching this space!

In the meantime I only have one question – would you like a raisin? No? How about a date? ;))))))

We abandon our pi for good 🏌️ 12/02/19

After about a month of struggling with technical issues without our pi and motor board, we have decided to abandon the one we have now and invest in a new one. The price of the new pi is £23 which is a large chunk of the money we have left to spend but HOPEFULLY we will have more luck with this one and our decision will pay off.

Today, we have 45 days (about 6.5 weeks) until the competition in March. Before then we must:

– Reprogram the new pi to give Orion his mobility back
– Create a concrete plan about how to tackle tasks such as Pi Noon, Space Invaders and other tasks that require specialised/attachable parts
– Build the body of the robot
– Decide on a design for Orion and decorate accordingly… we are currently thinking we will get in touch with Gucci or Alexander McQueen to draw some designs for us. Unfortunately Ralph Lauren is not returning our calls 🙁
– Order Constellation t-shirts for us to model at the competition

Hopefully this is the turning point we need and we will peak just in time for the competition!

We got shot! 💣 – 08/02/19

Today we finally managed to get our group photo taken to put in the programme for the March competition. Unfortunately Gracie and Anisha weren’t here today as they were both taking part in the Biology Olympiad, however the remaining eight of us managed to take some QUALITY shots:

The first photo is the one that we are going to put in the programme…

We thought it would be rude not to take some fun photos…

Outtakes! We were taking the photos on David’s laptop and it took us a while to figure out how it works. Bodes well for a team of intelligent students attempting to build a robot…

We also wrote a paragraph about ourselves to put in the programme:

“A group of 10 from Horsham with no coding knowledge… what could possibly go wrong? We’ve got mean green tank tracks with wonky steering and a chirpy, temperamental robot. We don’t know whether it will work or not, but our enthusiasm more than makes up for it.”

We now have one week left until half term and then it will be a sprint finish to get our robot sorted in time for the competition! Fingers crossed…