Reviewing our awkward secondary school photos 👹 05/02/18

As a team we are all very close because we have known each other for a considerable amount of time. This gives us the pleasure of having plenty of disgracefully awkward photos of each other at our disposal. Here are a few gems:

Hopefully our technical issues will be resolved soon and our blog posts will go back to being a bit more focused soon!

Our boy is back on track 🐛 01/01/19

A handful of things happened today:

1. The motorboard has been down for a few weeks so progress has been very limited, however Orion managed to move his tracks very briefly towards the end of the session. It seems like he has finally woken up from his hibernation.

2. Gracie, Rhiannon and Anisha managed to finish their EPQs today- Gracie has been writing about people with dementia and their ability to learn, Rhiannon wrote about electoral reform and the political agenda, and Anisha wrote about robotics and medicine. Well done girls!

3. The blog has been adjusted so that it no longer says that we come from New York City!

Unfortunately Lawrence can no longer make the competition in March due to commitments to the National Youth Orchestra (NYO are performing at the South Bank Centre in London on Friday 12th April at 7:30 – buy your tickets now!)

This means we have a vacancy if anybody wants to come to the competition with us.

(more than one) Man down 📸 29/01/19

The organisers of the competition emailed us last week requesting a group photo to put in the programme for the competition in March. However getting a simple photo of 10 people is far easier said than done when the 10 people in question all have 10,000 other commitments! Yesterday, we planned to meet in the sports hall at lunch to take the photo but unfortunately Rhiannon was off ill and Gracie was at a meeting so we will have to reassemble another time to try again.

In other news, Navid resurrected a hair band pinging device at the weekend. Either he was thinking of ideas for the Space Invaders task or he is planning to invade a tiny medieval castle. It’s anyone’s guess really.

200% of the truth, by Anisha ft Fort Minor 🌞 25/01/19

Today, we needed to come up with a short description of the team and the robot to put in the programme for the competition in March. Inspired by ‘Remember the name’ by Fort Minor, an incredibly accurate description of the team was put together.

10% planning
20% skill
15% coding
50% determined
105% winging it

Truer words have never been spoken. Thank you Anisha and Fort Minor.

David can’t do what?! 😮 18/01/19

In today’s meeting we were limited as to what we can do with the robot. Joanne, Gracie and Anisha were having a think about what sort of designs we can use as a logo but the rest of us were quite redundant. In the classroom next door there is always meditation going on at the same time so we thought we would join in.

Fact of the day: DAVID CAN’T CROSS HIS LEGS!!!

Doggo bloggo 🐶 15/01/19

At the moment there is not a lot we can do. Instead the bloggers spent time writing down the team members as dogs…

Joanne: Chow chow – across between a lion and a bear and sleeps 25 hours a day.
Gracie: Springer spaniel – boundless energy, period.
Anya: Great Dane – because I’m great.
David: Golden retriever – retrieves robot parts we’ve ordered like a good boy.
Navid: Border collier – smart, energetic, hilarious, generally multi-talented.
Rhiannon: German shepherd – hard working, tall and the only team member who can woof in German.
Anna: Jack Russell – small and happy with a waggy tail that woofs a lot.
Stephen: Irish setter – adventurous and active, ginger.
Lawrence: Corgi – do we even need an explanation?
Anisha: Greyhound – smiley and LOADS of energy.


Orion: K9 from Doctor Who – duh.

A verse about sensors 🔥 08/01/19

Today we have some news to make our rivals tenser –
a little package arrived for us at college yester
which will help with Hubble Telescope Nebula
and make Orion become a serious contender.
So watch out Manchester, Worcester, Leicester
etc, you know we’re only getting better.
“So you think you’re gonna make it all the way?” Yes sir!
Cos Constellation now have a colour sensor

(Mic drop)

One giant leap for Constellation! ☄️ 04/01/18

Happy new year!

A large amount of progress has been made over the holidays! Stephen took the robot home with him so he could continue constructing it with the help of Rhiannon whilst the rest of us were enjoying doing very little (Rhiannon and Stephen = MVPs).

First look at the tracks moving! 😄🙏

As you can see from the photos above we have decided to make the body of the robot out of plastic rather than wood as it will hopefully make the robot a bit more sturdy (as well as looking more professional).

In the session today we put one of the College’s motorboards on the body of our robot and drove it with the controller. It was very slow so we were trying to figure out a solution to make it go a wee bit quicker. However it managed to drive over a mini whiteboard, a pen (sort of), a phone and Navid’s hand so it’s able to go over uneven terrain which is promising!

As a result of this success we purchased a motorboard and an IR sensor.

Our little bot is starting to come along very nicely!

P.S. The constellation blog’s New Years resolutions are 1) to actually UPLOAD OUR BLOGS and 2) take more photos/videos during the sessions to include here!

P.P.S. Today was Navid’s birthday so happy birthday Navid!!