First blog! ⭐️ 02/10/18


We are the Collyers robotic team! We meet twice a week to build and control (sometimes) a robot.

Our team consists of:
1. Joanne Burley – Financial manager/the one who sings our background music (If you want to book a performance please get in line)
2. Gracie Enticknap – Artistic Director/the one who has incredible fashion sense and is also incredibly bonkers
3. Anya Elvin – Blogger/the one who suggested we watch all the John Lewis Christmas ads instead of working
4. Mia Frost – Blogger/the one who falls over chairs and tables during meetings and sometimes her own feet
5. David “DJ Dave” Jolliffe – Group manager, buys goods, sends emails…/the one who is an absolute LEGEND
6. Navid Kalani – In charge of computery things/the one who will distract us all by throwing paper aeroplanes
7. Rhiannon Morris – Researcher/the one who sits watching Pixar short films and laughing to herself
8. Stephen Sansome – Robot constructor/the one with an endless supply of innuendos and sarcasm and good ol’ British humour
9. Lawrence Schofield – Idea generator/the one who talks with actual reason (expect when he wanted to buy a gamma ray gun for the robot)
10. Anisha Wakefield _ Artistic director/the one who sits and does revision and makes the rest of us feel guilty

We also have the wonderful Diane Dowling (head of computer science) who offers us advice and a helping hand should we ever need it so thank you Diane!

Watch this space for more updates and a wee bit of banter. Will aim to post every Tuesdays and Fridays… byeee!